Thursday, November 13, 2008

some bmx literature

"I've been in full on slacker mode lately when it comes to jumps. I haven't dug at thrashmore in over a week I think. It's kinda bumming me out. Maybe I'll go do that tommorow. I'll try to get everything dialed in by thanksgiving so we can have a super sick trail session. I'm starting to think winter is setting in but then it will be cold one day and way warmer the next. Mother nature is sending me mixed signals right now and I don't know if she is into me or not. I wish I had a space heater at the jumps." - Balls J. Wentworth.


Flick N. B. said...

Warm today.. Warm yesterday. Just went through 10 minutes of crap to recover my password. All 5 times I've logged in I've had to recover my password. The only time I need to sign in is to leave these comments on your blog. It rained real bad all day. I don't even know when thanksgiving is or why people celebrate hanukkah.

Flick N. B. said...

Hey, I'm in! I think I've got the hang of this now! I'm going to try to bust ass to make a sweet set. If you come out you better jump them.
Second landing after loch ness got beefed up a little and I tore out the roller after that and made a jump. then another then another. I can't wait to jump my bicycle. Check out nicks blog to see my gas tank!

Flick N. B. said...

And the weather is nice still!