Monday, October 6, 2008

good austin days...35mm film

Joel Moody
Joe Rich, Ryan Corrigan, Josh Stricker, Unknown, Amos Burke, Brian Falls, Santana...

Chicago Mike

The majority of these pictures are from February in the pool out in west austin we had found. It was really neat 2 groups of guys found the pool and we ended up shredding it together. The weather was always perfect, we brought jam-o the awesome tape deck and had fun. It was my first "real" pool experience and skating anything else at this point seems useless...except for the pos bowl. Some of these pictures arent good I know but I had to post the majority of them just because it was such a good memory. I forgot to mention the house over looked the entire city from this hill right on the river. It was beautiful. On the superbowl the guys had a cookout I had a few hot dogs skated then got home just in time to see tom petty play the half-time show as I drank a beer...It was my best day in Austin.

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kchula said...

beautiul! especially the one of joel. Que bonita.