Monday, September 22, 2008

thrashmore 5.0

I drove back to the beach this weekend because I bought a motorcycle. Balls told me he had made thrashmore pretty interesting and fun so I brought my bike. It was fun as shit, kinda ghetto kinda bumpy but also really fun. thats what matters to me. Christian was slaying some trails, thats good to see and makes it easier for us to hang on bikes, although I might be dabbling in street. We spent 5 hours or so back there, balls, pee wee, christian and I. Then cory showed up and took some pictures and hung like the dude he is. what a great day. The next day I bought a 1969 bsa victor. pictures of that soon. I love bikes. Sounded like a bunch of VB and Richmond dudes had fun this weekend too but I couldnt make it out because of the motorcycle thing, I did stop by and eat a burger though. I love the east coast, you can drive a few hours and see a ton of awesome people along the way, see different land and do different things. In texas I felt stuck. Here I feel awesome, I love Virginia!

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