Friday, September 26, 2008

1st run

Thats wiley, the previous motorcycle owner. Hes awesome. He got out of his truck wearing shorter shorts then Ive ever worn and had a 6 pack of miller genuine draft in his right hand. The first thing he said to me was, "Hey man want a beer or something!?" I printed these last night in the darkroom but they look different after the scan. more to come.


Flick N. B. said...

Wes, We are friends. I've got this really gay picture of us hugging. You have that hat on with the B on it.

I'm looking forward to going into the woods today because it rained really hard and I'm going to build a drainage system with waterfalls.
Ramble ramble.

Flick N. B. said...

Everytime I post a comment I've got to go through this long process of changing my password so I can post. It almost sucks.
It always makes me do the most difficult word verification too.
I just had a professional protographer in my garage do a photo shoot.